M.en O.vercoming R.eal E.xperiences

"M.en O.vercoming R.eal E.xperiences"

M.en O.vercoming R.eal E.xperiences was founded in 2004 by Bishop Romey Coles Jr.
MORE's purpose is to develop MORE Godly men by way of spiritual truths.
To show men how to be the Head of their households, become better fathers, and husbandmen.

This is achieved by giving men the tools to love and reverence God by alleviating a poverty spirit and a self-centered mentality.
MORE men learn to praise through the spirit of pride that paralyzes men from reaching their peak in life.
Ultimately, overcoming the experiences that hinder them from reaching their maximum potential on earth as it is in heaven. Selah

"He is Nationally and Internationally known for being the “man with the answers”, through the wisdom of God."
-The El Vicar (man of God)